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The Healthcare System

The Czech Healthcare System is noted for the very good quality of its medical services to its citizens and provides a stable and healthy social and medical environment and is governed by the Ministry of Health. Healthcare is free to Czech citizens, although a two-tier system does exist, just like the UK, where those who can afford private health care or health insurance can enjoy higher quality facilities and shorter waiting times.

The Czech Republic has been a European Union member since 2004 and over this time has made great progress in meeting western standards of healthcare.  In the Czech Republic the title Doctor of Medicine (Medicinae Universae Doctor - MUDr.) is given to graduates from a Medical Faculty after studying for six years. This title allows a graduate to practice medicine in a hospital as an assistant physician (resident) or in an outpatient establishment under the supervision of another qualified doctor.

Postgraduate medical education is based on a two-step specialisation - the compulsory first degree of specialisation for every doctor practicing medicine and the second specialisation degree that is mandatory only for physicians in leading positions.  Surgeons need to be licensed and certified to perform surgery in the Czech Republic.

Recently there has been a rapid growth of high quality private healthcare facilities, equipped to the highest standards, offering world class care at a fraction of the price paid in western Europe. As a result of this boom in private healthcare facilities, the Czech Republic has become a hotspot for medical tourism, with low cost, high quality surgery attracting tens of thousands of visitors every year. What’s more, since the system has been created to meet the demands of the expat and overseas visitor, rather than catering primarily for the more affluent residents, you can expect a far superior service designed around your needs.

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