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The Czech Republic as a medical tourism destination

Situated in central Europe the Czech Republic has been an EU member since May 2004. As a result UK and other EU citizens do not require a visa to enter or stay in the country. With direct flights from London and other parts of the UK taking approximately 2 hours or less, as well as with over 100 destinations around the world, Prague provides medical tourism visitors with a high quality, low cost medical treatment alternative to their home country. This is why the Czech Republic is fast emerging as a popular health tourism destination.

Planning your treatment and trip is easier than you think as there are numerous medical travel agencies based in Prague, as well as healthcare providers, that will generate your entire package for you, including flights and accommodation as well as sightseeing trips at an all inclusive price. This gives you the advantage of knowing the exact overall cost of your treatment and trip as well as it takes away from you the hassle of arranging your flights and accommodation yourself.

Most of the clinics are located in the county’s culturally rich capital, Prague.  Private clinics have the latest technology, English speaking specialists, a lot of them with internationally recognised qualifications and practice experience in western countries such as the US and the UK, all at a fraction of the price that would be paid in these countries. Czech surgeons undertake several years of specialist training before they are allowed to operate and many of the surgeons working in Prague are British General Medical Council registered.

Savings of up to sixty per cent can be made on, for example, cosmetic surgery, compared with the UK.  Consider, for example, a breast enlargement with silicon implants costs £2,120 including one to two nights in a clinic in Prague, and nose reshaping costs £1,610 including one night in the clinic. Compare these with typical prices in the UK:  A breast enlargement costs between £3,400 to £5,000 and nose reshaping between £3,000 and £4,000.

Aside from cheap medical treatment, the country is worthy of a visit for a whole host of other reasons and medical tourists invariably stay long enough to check out its historically and aesthetically fascinating cities and interesting cultural aspects. Prague is a modern city with a magical charm and atmosphere and thus there is much to see and do.  Before or after surgery must-sees are the beautiful Prague Castle and its St Vitus Cathedral, the Belvedere, Lorreto and Charles Bridges as well as the Old Town Square and the Old Town Hall with its Astronomical Clock.  Take a wander around the cobbled streets in the old Jewish Quarter before winding up in a café in Wenceslas Square for a pork or beef dish served with dumplings and washed down with some famous Pilsner or Budweiser beer.

As well as the culturally rich city of Prague the country also boasts medicinal spa towns, quaint villages, lakes, forests and chateaux.  Other major cities in the Czech Republic are Brno and Ostrava and there are good intercity train connections, making it all the easier to explore this fascinating country.

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