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Spa and Rehabilitation costs

The Czech Republic is well known for its medical spas techniques and low cost, high quality care. The spas are at hand for patients seeking medical spa treatments or for patients who have just had an operation, to encourage the healing process and help patients relax in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Costs vary depending on the treatment you may require as well as the type of your accommodation so we recommend that you contact one of our listed spas for a quote that suits your specific needs.

In the Czech Republic medical tourism and spa agencies offer packages for various treatments which often include being collected to and from the airport, luxury accommodation and the actual spa treatment costs, thus taking away all administration and hassle from your hands, leaving you free to focus your mind on your treatment and relaxation.

Having your medical spa treatment in the Czech Republic at a much lower cost is much easier than you think.

Request a free quote from one of our listed providers now and see how much you can save!

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