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ReproGenesis: Infertility and assisted reproduction treatment in Brno, Czech Republic


ReproGenesis is a modern, private clinic offering infertility and assisted reproduction treatment in Brno, Czech Republic. It offers oocyte and sperm donation programs and also specializes in the treatment of women who decided to become a parent at an older age.

ReproGenesis is a private centre of reproductive medicine situated in a posh neighbourhood of Brno – Pisárky, in the immediate vicinity of Brno’s Exhibition Hall. It is easily accessible by all means of transport. A parking space is reserved for all their clients. Their clinic provides state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of female infertility and maintains a comprehensive sperm, egg and embryo donor program.

Because their donor databaseis the most advanced in the Czech Republic, they are immediately able to locate the best donor match for couples in treatment. There is no waiting period at ReproGenesis. Their doctors recommend the most effective type of treatments and procedures while respecting the couple’s personal wishes and specific needs.

State-of-the-art equipment and technology as well as the latest and most successful procedures make ReproGenesis the most modern reproductive centre in the Czech Republic. Their expert team of doctors, embryologists and nurses has many years of experience in the Czech Republic and abroad. Very high conception rates are the best proof of their expertise.

ReproGenesis is one of very few infertility treatment centres where a special camera system continuously monitors embryonic development, eliminating the need to handle the embryo outside the cultivation box and significantly increasing the chances of successful egg implantation and conception. Couples in treatment receive a DVD documenting the implanted embryos’ development.

The embryos are cultivated always until day 5 and providing the information about their every-day development is taken for granted.

Their satisfied clients provide a reason to choose their clinic. A team of professionals and excellent equipment and technology guarantee a very high rate of successful pregnancies – 68% in donor programme!

Thanks to our team of experts, over 1000 healthy children have already been born in the donation programme.

Infertility treatment involves trust, quality and satisfaction. Their strategy is based on empathy, understanding and a strong desire to help. They know that their embryologist’s success is the beginning of your happiness, which is why they do their very best to make your experience at clinic as stress-free and comfortable as they can.


Treatments offered by ReproGenesis in the Czech Republic

ReproGenesis offers its clients all the latest and most up to date medical treatments of assisted reproduction. ReproGenesis specialises in egg donor programs and offers help for couples treated for infertility because of low quality of their own embryonal cells, genetic disorders or because of the effects of chemotherapy. The advantage with ReproGenesis is that there is no waiting time and therefore the treatment can start immediately.

Assisted Reproduction Treatments:

Donor programs available with Reprogenesis in Brno

  • Oocyte donation

  • Sperm donation

  • Embryo donation

Who are the egg donors?

All their egg donors are women 18-32 years of age of Czech nationality. Most of them are either university students or university graduates. All donors are non-smokers, tested for mental diseases, genetic and hormonal disorders as well as infectious diseases including HIV.

Who are the sperm donors?

All sperm donors are Czech men 18-35 years of age, mostly university students or graduates. All of their donors are non-smokers, tested for mental diseases, genetic and hormonal disorders as well as infectious diseases including HIV.

M.D.Tomas Vrana

The ReproGenesis Team

ReproGenesis’ leading medical team comprises of professionals having a long and extensive experience in donor oocytes and  treating female infertility. The team is led by M.D.Tomáš Vrána.

M.D. Vrána is a gynecologist-obstetrician specialized in reproductive medicine and has successfully obtained the European attestation in gynecology and obstetrics. In addition to his extensive professional experience working in Czech hospitals, M.D. Vrána also worked at the Chirurgische Klinik an der Ruprecht-Karls Universität Heidelberg in Germany.

He has also served as the Head physician at the Center of Assisted Reproduction and of the Department of Reproductive Gynecology at the Brno University Hospital and has been an Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University, Brno.

Special services for clients of ReproGenesis in the Czech Republic:

  • Skype consultation
  • E-mail consultation
  • Phone consultation
  • Free accommodation arrangement
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Embryo cultivation until day 5
  • Vast database of egg donors, selection of a donor according to your needs
  • Transfer of embryos in blaocyst stage only
  • Consultation in German, English, French, Italian, Czech and Slovakian language


Contact this infertility clinic in Brno, Czech Republic

They will be happy to answer any of your queries.


Hlinky 60/144
603 00 Brno
Czech Republic

Tel:  00420 530 338 338

Fax: 00420 530 338 888

Email: veronika@reprogenesis.cz

Web: www.reprogenesis.com


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