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Iscare Centre of Assisted Reproduction IVF: Infertility treatment in Czech Republic, Prague

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Iscare Centre of Assisted Reproduction IVF, Czech Republic, opened in 1995. The centre has continually achieved high success rates of IVF treatment, and ranks highly as one of the top assisted reproduction centres in Europe.  The centre is able to offer complex IVF treatment, egg donation program and embryo donation program for patients seeking infertility treatment abroad. ISCARE also performs broad range of services including ICSI, PICSI, genetics, pre-implant diagnosing (PGD, PGS), embryomonitoring, vitrification or cryo-conserving.

IVF treatment team, Czech Republic, Prague

Mudr Jaroslav Hulvert
Mudr Jaroslav Hulvert

The IVF treatment team is led by Head Physician, MUDr. Jaroslav Hulvert. He has 20 years experience in Gynaecology and Obstetrics with 15 years experience in assisted reproduction, assisting couples with a wide variety fertility problems. View the CV of MUDr. Jaroslav Hulvert.

The team including embryologists, IVF nurses and IVF laboratory workers have been trained by the world’s leading specialists in IVF treatment, mainly in Israel, where success rates in the treatment for infertility are highest. The infertility specialist team at Iscare are all fully qualified, undertaking specialist qualifications and training in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Why choose ISCARE IVF Clinic in Prague?

  • Over 7000 births since 1995

  • Stable success rate over 40%

  • Individual approach – client has own coordinator and doctor

  • No waiting list for egg donation or embryo donation program

  • Broad database of female egg donors and male sperm donors

  • Possibility of blastocyst cultivation

  • Call back possibility

  • Free accommodation booking including sightseeing arrangement

  • Airport shuttle



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ISCARE clinic in Prague offers three types of packages for regular IVF treatment (no donated eggs included)

  1. IVF cycle incl. medicaments 2 700 €
  2. IVF with ICSI, incl. medicaments 3 200 €
  3. IVF with PICSI, including medicaments 3 500 €
  4. IVF with ICSI+PGD, incl. medicaments 4 500 €


Procedures not included in package: spermiogram – patients usually undergo this examination in their home countries (100 €), cryoconservation of sperm (300 €), pre-operation examination – patients usually undergo this examination in their home countries (200 €). Everything else needed is included in package.

How the whole IVF treatment works?

While doing IVF treatment their patients usually come to the ISCARE clinic to attend the initial interview with one of the English speaking doctors. The appointment should be scheduled two or three days before the
expected start of your menstrual cycle. During the counseling interview patients are examined and they get all the medications with instructions when and how to use them. Patients start taking those medications (hormone stimulation) on the 2nd day of their menstrual cycle and then they come back to ISCARE clinic on the 8th or 9th day where they check if everything is going as it should be (that would be the second visit). Then usually the 11th-13th day of menstrual cycle (you would be informed which day) they collect eggs. This is the right time for sperm donors to donate their sperm which will be used to fertilize the eggs (they may also be donated during the first visit). And the last visit (fourth one) would be 2 or 5 days after the egg collection during which they would transfer
embryo(s) into the womb. The whole process usually takes between two or three weeks. The best option would be to take your sperm donor with you so he can donate his sperm at their clinic during one of your visits (as
mentioned above).

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ISCARE clinic provides five types of packages where those more expensive offer some additional procedures such as ICSI, PICSI or PGD

  1. IVF cycle incl. Donor eggs and medicaments 4 000 €
  2. IVF cycle incl. Donor eggs, medicaments and ICSI 4 500 €
  3. IVF cycle incl. Donor eggs, medicaments and PICSI 4 800 €
  4. IVF cycle incl. Donor eggs, medicaments, ICSI and PGD 5 800 €
  5. IVF cycle incl. Donor eggs, medicaments, PICSI and PGD 6 000 €

Procedures not included in package: spermiogram – patients usually undergo this examination in their home countries (100 €), cryoconservation of sperm (300 €), pre-operation examination – patients usually undergo this examination in their home countries (200 €). Everything else needed is included in package.

At first it is important to say that there is no waiting list at their clinic. Their patients from abroad come for a counseling interview at first after which they undertake the ultrasound examination and the test for STDs. Right after the initial interview they will start to look for the suitable donor for you and your husband. Finding donor usually takes 3-4 weeks. Once they have the donor for you they will let you know and then it all depends on how
successfully they coordinate the time of transfer. So basically there are only 2 visits needed. The first one would last one or two days (counseling interview + examinations) and the second one 2-6 days (transferring the
embryo) depending on your menstrual cycle. In most cases the whole procedure is done within two months.

Who are their donors?

The egg donors are women between 18-35 years of age. The least educational level they have to reach is high school diploma however most of them also studied at universities. They are examined for STDs, genetic
dysfunction and the medical history of their family is discussed with the genetic doctor. If their health status is proper to our strict regulations then they can donate their eggs. You can choose the donor by her height,
weight, color of eyes, color of hair, tone of skin and her educational level. You would simply send them your requirements providing mentioned characteristics and they would find you the most suitable donor.

To get more complex information about infertility treatment please download their guide below.

ISCARE building

Infertility treatments offered and cost of IVF treatment abroad, Prague


1. Counselling interview - 150 €

11. Cryoconservation of sperm(3 years) - 300 €

2. Spermiogram - 100 €

12. Cryoconservation of embryos (3 years) - 500 €

3. Insemination - 450 €

13. Vitrification - 600 €

4. IVF cycle incl. Medicaments - 2700 €

14. Assisted Hatching - 300 €

5. IVF with ICSI - 3200 €

15. OPU without getting oocytes - 1000 €

6. IVF with PICSI - 3500 €

16. Cycle stopped in the course of stimulation - 1200 €

7. IVF cycle incl. Donor oocyte and medicaments - 4000 €

17. IVF cycle without ET - 1800 €

8. IVF cycle incl. Donor oocyte, medicaments and ICSI - 4500 €

18. Ultrasound examination - 80 €

9. IVF cycle incl. Donor oocyte, medicaments and PICSI - 4800 €

19. Prolonged cultivation of embryos (above 48 hours) - 200 €

10. Kryo Embryo Transfer - 400 €

20. Donated sperm - 150 €




Professional accreditation for infertility treatment

Iscare IVF is an accredited centre working with human tissue in the Czech Republic, compliant with the Directive of the European Parliament and Council 2004/23/ES and Law no. 296/2008 from the collection of laws and legal directives no. 422/2008. It has a permit issued by the National Institute for Medication Control UKL) and is holder of ISO certification 9001:2008 (quality management systems) and 14001:2005 (environmental management).


Contact details of ISCARE Centre of assisted reproduction in Prague, Czech republic

Clinical Center Iscare IVF

Lighthouse Building
Jankovcova 1569/2c
170 04 Praha 7


Please call them: 00420 777 999 224 or request a call back!

Send them an email: janhulvert@iscare.cz or fill in their contact form

Visit their english website: www.iscare.cz


CV of MUDr. Jaroslav Hulvert

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