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New research highlights the popularity of the Czech Republic for British medical tourists

Major new survey reveals the latest trends in medical tourism:
Most saved thousands, 90% would recommend Czech Republic to other patients.

A major new piece of research reveals that the Czech Republic is becoming an increasingly popular destination for UK patients seeking surgery and treatment abroad. The Czech Republic has climbed to second position in the league table of countries attracting UK patients for cosmetic surgery and obesity surgery.

More than 1,000 patients took part in the 2012 Treatment Abroad Medical Tourism Survey, the largest of its kind in Europe. Among the findings of the report commissioned by independent medical tourism advice site Treatment Abroad and its local Czech partner HealthCzech.com, a subsidiary of Progress Medical UK, are new statistics showing where people are going, what they are having done, how much they are saving and whether they would do it again or recommend it to others.

Key findings:

60% of patients who came to Czech Republic, came for cosmetic surgery; 18% came for obesity surgery and 15% for infertility treatment.
Belgium (23%) is the most popular destination for British patients travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery followed by Czech Republic (14%), and Turkey (10%).
For obesity surgery, Belgium (50%) also holds first place, with Czech Republic (22%) again in second
Breast augmentation and tummy tucks are the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery for patients visiting Czech Republic.
For 74% of medical tourists coming to Czech Republic, this was their first ever visit to the country. 20% had visited the country before for business or on holiday.
17% of patients made more than one trip to Czech Republic for their course of treatment. The average visit length was 8 days.
The primary reason for coming to Czech Republic was to save money on treatment costs in their own country.
After coming to Czech Republic, 85% would recommend going for treatment abroad to a friend or relative.
Patient satisfaction levels for their treatment in Czech Republic were high with 84% either ‘very’ or ‘quite’ satisfied with their experience. Asked for reasons for their satisfaction, respondents cited price, professionalism of staff, and the overall treatment experience.
81% of medical tourists to Czech Republic said they had saved more than €2,500 by travelling to Czech Republic for treatment.

Commenting on the findings, Keith Pollard, Managing Director of www.treatmentabroad.com said:

“The Czech Republic has climbed the league table of destinations since our last report. It is becoming an important provider of services to international patients particularly in the growth markets of cosmetic surgery, obesity surgery and infertility treatment. Czech Republic is an attractive option for patients across Europe given its central location, ease of access and attractive prices. Often overseas treatment is portrayed as being a poor alternative to what is available in your home country and yet it’s clear from this survey that that is simply not true. The vast majority of people who come to Czech Republic for treatment are delighted with not only with the experience and the levels of care but also with the results, and that, for most people, is the most important thing – that they get the results they want and need.”


1,045 people took part in the survey, which was developed by, and the report prepared by, Barbara Stryjak of European Research Specialists. The survey was conducted online with participants recruited through www.treatmentabroad.com. For every participant, £1 (€1.20) was donated to the charity Smile Train, an international charity that provides cleft palate surgery to those in need.
Published25 May 2012
Author / Source
Ondrej Sebestik
Czech Republic
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