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HealthCzech to help establish the Czech Republic as prime international medical tourism destination

HealthCzech, the Prague based subsidiary of Progress Medical UK Limited, a company specialising in investing in international healthcare, is pleased to announce the launching of its services focusing on promoting the Czech Republic as a high quality, affordable international medical tourism destination through its www.healthczech.com healthcare portal. The services are launched under a franchise agreement with the UK based Intuition Communication Limited, a leading Global Web publisher in the healthcare sector.

Intuition has been successfully building, marketing and promoting health information websites to the public both in the UK and internationally for the last seven years, building strong brands that consumers recognise and trust to provide them with reliable online healthcare information about clinics, hospitals, doctors and healthcare providers. Intuition is the company behind some of the UK’s most visited and successful health information sites including Private Healthcare UK, the Harley Street Guide, Treatment Abroad, and the International Medical Travel Journal. Its portfolio of twenty plus sites receive over half a million visitors a month.

HealthCzech represents an exciting opportunity for the Czech Republic’s healthcare and health related service providers to reach a wide international audience of potential clients from around Europe and the world. HealthCzech’s local knowledge combined with Intuition’s expertise in the online healthcare sector is the perfect mix necessary to position www.healthczech.com as the leading Czech focused healthcare information site. HealthCzech aims to expand its web presence through continual development, enhanced search engine ranking, local sales and marketing and content development. Already considered as the leaders of web development and publishing of healthcare sites in the UK market, Intuition’s industry knowledge and recognised success is an invaluable asset to HealthCzech.

Medical travel and medical tourism are becoming a popular choice for healthcare consumers around the world who go to the same place for information on healthcare as they do for everything else: the internet. In recent years medical tourism has grown to around 4-5 million people worldwide. It is estimated that in 2010 around 60,000 UK residents alone went abroad for treatment with this number expected to grow in 2011 and beyond.

The Czech Republic is ideally placed to attract foreign patients due to its excellent quality of treatment in modern facilities, highly skilled doctors and surgeons, attractive prices and its location, being a world known tourist destination with numerous cultural sights and events.

Therefore, Czech healthcare providers that want to expand their clientele by attracting international patients, have the perfect opportunity to do so in a very cost efficient manner by promoting their services through HealthCzech and the Intuition family of international medical travel portals which deliver the best return on their marketing investment.
Published23 December 2011
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Czech Republic
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