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Weight loss surgery in the Czech Republic from MediCzech

MediCzech - cosmetic and obesity surgery in the Czech Republic
The team who launched Après, the London based, top-end, pre and post operative cosmetic surgery facility in 2005, have now been asked to develop a package for British patients looking for affordable weight loss surgery in Prague - less than 2 hours’ travel from London.

If you, or anyone you know, suffers from obesity and would like to explore the option of surgery, this is the place to come.

There are hundreds of clinics in the UK and abroad offering this surgery, so what makes Mediczech different? The answer is, Professor Martin Fried and his team and, most importantly, full medical support in the UK - both before and after the operation.

Professor Fried is the leading bariatric surgeon in Europe, and he has trained many surgeons who work in the UK. He is highly skilled, dynamic and passionate in his belief that by helping obese patients manage their weight he will help save them from many debilitating illnesses and regain their quality of life.

What is unique is that the entire service that is offered is remarkable and very cost efficient. There is a nutritionist and psychologist on board to make sure you have the very best care available. The whole package from your first email, to the pre-op consultation, to returning home is very easy.

From the very beginning you get to know the whole Mediczech ‘family’. Everything, from your travel arrangements, to finance and medical travel insurance is all packaged at a discount rate. Vera Fischer in the office will supply you with all the relevant information and guide you through the whole procedure. A full Harley Street pre-op health check, and a detox and healthy eating plan from ‘Body Chef’, will get you ready for surgery. The facility in Harley Street will then email your pre-op checks directly to Prof Fried before your consultation, including your medical questionnaire and appropriate photographs.

Travel arrangements can be made with a click on the ‘Flight Centre’ button on the website, and an optional limousine to take you to and from the airport. For anyone worried about being alone, there is a ‘buddy‘ option where you can take a friend to help you and give you emotional support. This will only cost you the price of the airfare, and your friend can experience all the delights of Prague, the luxury apartment, gym, sauna and beauty salon. Mediczech will also provide a total backup service, looking after all your non-medical needs from the moment you arrive, until your return to the UK.

After your operation and recovery time in the clinic, you will be transferred to one of the apartments above – these have direct communication with the clinic below, so you always have contact with the medical team. You are then given your final examination and ‘fit to fly’ certificate, after which it is time to return home.

Your return home is a limo to the airport, with access to a private lounge to await boarding – private security, baggage scan and a limo to the very door of the plane – true VIP treatment at a time when your privacy is most important and you may need some TLC.

Support and after care in the UK

First and foremost, there is always somebody available at the end of the phone between 8am and 10 pm.

Mediczech also has a qualified and experienced nurse in Central London who provides a full post op package. Karen Marwood Jones is based close to the Mediczech pre/post op facility in Harley St. She will liaise directly with Professor Fried in the unlikely event that any complications arise. Post operative annual X-Rays are also available at any of Mediczech’s London and home counties facilities. Professor Fried has also designed his own post op diet with Body Chef, so your new weight loss can be maintained as healthily as possible.

A comprehensive list of FAQ’s can be accessed on the website. For all price options please go to www.mediczech.com.
Published25 May 2011
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Czech Republic
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